“No combination of words could really compare to the life that’s waiting for me to live out there.”

Out There, 2018.


Anne O’Rourke is a prolific singer-songwriter from the North Fork of Long Island (NY). She studied violin as a child and picked up her first guitar at age 14. Her instructor challenged her to write songs - she already wrote poetry & sang, so why not? Her music blends her love of indie, folk, and musical theater into a unique way of story telling. Her songs are about personal growth and reshaping the narrative into something positive. Anne’s passion for music and songwriting goes beyond the stage and into the classrooms of preschoolers with special needs where she works as board certified music therapist.  While new to the music scene, she’s already made an impact, she was featured at last summer’s Huntington Folk Festival, Fresh Brewed Sessions Concert Series, and Homegrown Long Island (90.1 FM). Her debut self-titled EP - Kirsten Maxwell and Carley Ridini (Car Astor) - was just released this winter.